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Thomas Howard

Managing Partner Argus IT Services
“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Marty during our careers at IBM. He and I successfully launched one of IBM’s first consulting services practices in the mid 90’s, setting the ground work for the initial roll-out of IBM Global Services. Marty has the unique blend of both technical depth and savvy business acumen. It’s not often you find both together and when coupled with a passion to lead others to perform at their best, he’s brought success to every challenge I’ve seen him face. Marty is “one of a kind” and is tireless in his commitment to excellence”!

Dan Barth
CIO, VP Audience Development - OPUBCO Communications
“Marty Burns is one of the smartest innovators I have ever worked with. I quickly learned to focus on explaining the problem I was trying to solve instead of defining what I wanted him to do since he always extended the capability and value exponentially. He was the key contributor in helping us earn the Smithsonian Innovators Award for our project.”

William A Brown
IBM Distinguished Engineer & CTO
"His leadership and technical skills are top notch, His ability to manage a customers expectations and value proposition are amazing. But the thing that impresses me the most in Marty is his creativity, ability to think quickly and devise valuable solutions to meet any need.

In the many years I have worked with him on EA, Governance, and method adoption. I have learned an enormous amount from him and he was generous with his knowledge.

Marty is a master consultant and technologist, He is someone I would work with again at the drop of a hat as well as someone I would fully trust with mission critical initiatives large or small."

Gary Rea
Senior Program Manager
"During my career at IBM as a Program Executive, I had the opportunity to work with Marty on a very complex program. We were both brought in to help fix a very troubled complex program. Marty was the Lead Architect hand selected to the program from IBM Senior Executives. Marty proceeded to lead all the best technical resources within IBM for several key product lines. Those technical resources were also hand selected by IBM executives. Within a very short time, Marty and his team provided a streamlined solution to the client that met both the clients needs and the IBM priorities. Marty easily bridged the gaps between the client and the technical teams and provided a viable solution. Marty demonstrated his ability to quickly adapt to the customers needs and lead a very complex technical program. I would welcome any opportunity to work with Marty again."

Randall Dyck

World-wide PMO & Delivery Excellence Lead
EMC Enterprise Content Division
"Marty and I worked together on a large engagement where, as the Chief Architect he was responsible for designing a tightly integrated infrastructure solution for a distributed organization. He understood the challenge to be addressed, effectively leveraged his technical knowledge, communicated clearly, and provided strong leadership to the design team. I appreciated his candor and direct approach and would welcome the opportunity to work together again anytime."

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